A modern version of the classic of the classic novel Tom Brown’s Schooldays by Thomas Hughes (the school story that created the framework for all school stories that followed, including  the Harry Potter stories) this musical with a basically rock feel. It is perfect for school productions and addresses a topic that has always been with us and which has been increasingly in the new: bullies and what to do about them.

As with all shows, backing  tracks can be provided for productions that do not have easy access to an orchestra, but the basic instrumental line-up consists of a rock group supplemented by keyboard and saxophone/clarinet.


Tom Brown
the title character in his final year at school

Sarah James
an outspoken and very picky senior schoolgirl

Gerald Flashman
the school bully; son of a senator
(son of a cabinet minister in the British version)

Mrs Billings
the school principal/head teacher

Harry “Scud” East
a new friend of Tom’s


Mr Brown
Tom’s father

Mrs Brown
Tom’s mother

John Brooke
captain of the school football team

a friend of Sarah James

a member of Flashman’s gang

(including members of Flashman’s gang,
cheerleaders and general students)

Please see Production Information for licensing contacts. Libretto, orchestrations, midi files and backing tracks are available upon request.