F. Scott Fitzgerald is interviewed in purgatory by a modern admirer, who feels deep nostalgia for the era that Fitzgerald wrote about, even though she has never known it first hand.  She regards Fitzgerald as the last of the great American prose poets, and sees  the ascendancy of Hemingway’s minimalist style, and the stripping down of the senses that followed the holocaust, as something akin to the expulsion from the Garden of Eden: The end of innocence.

Fitzgerald is forced to relive some of the key moments in his life – mainly those involving his wife Zelda and Ernest Hemingway as the admirer who ultimately turned on him – and, like the character in Groundhog Day, to try to find some redemption and resolution to the torments he endures in purgatory. View the introductory videos: Act 1 Act 2

As all the characters are dead, they can be any age.


F.Scott Fitzgerald

Ernest Hemingway

Zelda Fitzgerald


Purgatory (black box with smoke machine)

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