Bernard J Taylor’s Nosferatu the Vampire, a Rock Opera, has had three successful productions of it since the album was released: the world premiere at the Madison Theatre in Peoria, Illinois, USA, and two productions in the UK.  The recording features Phantom of the Opera stars Peter Karrie and Claire Moore in the lead roles as well as Mario Frangoulis, Mark Wynter, Barry James and Simon Burke. In America the show was staged with a cast of around 35, including a small troupe of dancers. At Eastbourne it was staged with a cast of 12.

Primary characters:
Nosferatu – a vampire; a former scientist and philosopher
Jonathan Harker – young, handsome, idealistic
Mina – young, sweet and innocent, but strong-willed underneath
Renfeld – middle-aged, paunchy
Van Helsing – intellectual
Lucy – Mina’s friend

Secondary characters:
Innkeeper – fat and jovial
Prioress, Sister of Mercy

Chorus (minimum of 6-10)
Baritone (The Miller’s Song), Five Gossips (Ship of the Dead), Woman and Two Men (Pestilence), Three Women and Two Men (Waiting for the Light), townsfolk, people at inn, etc.

Bernard Taylor is the driving force behind some of the most exciting musical theater being produced. Nosferatu, The Rock Opera, is one of the most compelling works that I had the privilege of directing. The fast moving pace of the musical score and the engaging lyrics make for a most memorable night at the theater. If one was to hear the name, Bernard J. Taylor, you had best run to the box office and get a ticket. I guarantee you will not regret it. –

Edward E. Figgins, Associate Professor
of Communication
Director of Theater (1993-2014)
Ashland Community and Technical College

Please see Production Information for licensing contacts. Libretto, orchestrations, midi files and backing tracks are available upon request.

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