Bernard J Taylor’s musical version of “Much Ado” was inspired by Kenneth Branagh’s film. Both are, of course, based on Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” Concept recording features Paul McGannClaire MoorePeter Karrie, Barry James, Simon Burke, Janet Mooney, David Pendlebury, and others. The show presents a number of prominent roles for all ages and can be staged with a cast of between 16 and 30. It sticks to the format of Shakespeare’s original work but the dialogue has been trimmed and edited.

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Primary Characters
Beatrice, a headstrong young woman with a sarcastic disposition
Benedick, a sharp-tongued match for Beatrice
Leonato, father of Hero and host to returning soldiers.
Don Pedro, leader of the victorious soldiers
Hero, Leonato’s daughter and friend of Beatrice
Don John, Don Pedro’s envious brother
Claudio, a romantic young idealist

Secondary Characters
Balthasar, a troubador
Margaret, friend of Hero and Beatrice
Ursula, friend of Hero and Beatrice
Dogberry, Officer of the Watch
Friar Francis, a priest
Conspirators with Don John
Officers of the Watch
General chorus

Please see Production Information for licensing contacts. Libretto, orchestrations, midi files and backing tracks are available upon request.

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