A modern backstage comedy with a Faustian twist and a cynical view of showbiz. Concept recording stars Lon Satton, Claire MooreKathryn Evans, Jessica Martin, Maurice Clark.

“Make Me a Musical” is loosely based on the Faust story and is set in the modern era, revolving around the backstage events during rehearsals for a new off-Broadway show. It is essentially a parody musical, with a jazz-swing score. It was first performed as “Success!” in September, 1995, at the Civic Theatre in Rotherham, West Yorkshire, where it received standing ovations and a rave review in the local press. Other productions are in the pipeline – including a Rumanian-language production by the State operetta company in Constanta, on the Black Sea. It is also being translated into German.

The show requires a minimum cast of about 15, but can be expanded to include a chorus of 20 or more. Orchestrations are available for a pit orchestra of 12.

View the introductory videos: Part 1 | Part2 | Part 3

Principal Characters:
Cedric E De Ville – Middle-Aged, Oily, Raffish
Robert Ponsonby – 30s, Nerdish but Nice
Angela Goodhall – 20s, Love’s Young Dream
Stella Martin – Thirtyish Vamp

Secondary Characters:
Juanita Fitzgerald – Sassy and Cynical Irish-Hispanic New Yorker
Nigel Hudson – Fading Star
Barry – Slightly Camp Director of the Show

Chorus (Minimum Of 8) including Named Characters: 
Riff Winkler, Jerry Obenstaller, Kevin Nolte, Gordon, Girl 1, Girl 2

Please see Production Information for licensing contacts. Libretto, orchestrations, midi files and backing tracks are available upon request.

CD is available on the Recordings page.