The ever-popular Christmas story has been adapted for a cast that can be as few as 12 or can be expanded to accommodate larger casts. It combines the ghost of Marley with the Ghost of Future Past and requires only one child performer as Tiny Tim (though additional children can be added). It combines new songs with traditional songs, hymns and carols and has a total of 20 songs. The other two ghosts can be played by women or men. High quality backing tracks are available, as well as orchestrations for a pit band of 6 to 10.

Ebenezer Scrooge

Jacob Marley’s Ghost
(also the Ghost of Christmas Past)

Fred Holloway
(Scrooge’s Nephew)

Ghost of Fanny

(Scrooge’s Dead Sister)

The Ghost of the Future

The Ghost of the Present

Bob Cratchit
(Scrooge’s employee)

Mrs Crachit
(Bob Cratchit’s wife)

Tiny Tim
(Bob Cratchit’s handicapped son)

Minimum of 6
But Ghosts can double as chorus members


NOTE: This version was designed for staging with a minimum cast. However, additional characters (like Bob Cratchit’s other children in the original novella) can be added at the discretion of the producer/director.